US Bank ETA Account

Is you would like to open a US Bank ETA account, we have all the information you need. As you may be aware, an ETA Account is a low cost option to receiving your federal benefits, including social security and supplemental security income (SSI) benefits. If you are in the process of apply for federal benefits, the law requires you to get your benefit payments via direct deposit. You can either set that up through a checking or savings account with your bank or credit union. However, If you do not qualify for a check or savings account, an ETA account may be the safest, quickest and most affordable way to receive your Social Security, SSI or other federal benefits.

US Bank ETA Account

"US Bank ETA Account"

US Bank is one of the largest providers of ETA bank accounts. You have to locate a US Bank near you to be able to open the account. To find the nearest US Bank location near you, click on this link, and find your state. You will then see if US Bank offers ETA accounts in your state. If they do, then click on the US Bank link to find a location near you. Once you open your ETA account, you can ask your US bank representative to set you up with direct deposit for your federal benefits. If for some reason they are unable to set you up with direct deposit right away, then call the Go Direct helpline at 1-800-333-1795 to set up direct deposit over the phone. You will need the following information when you call the Go Direct helpline:

• The provider’s nine digit routing number
• Your new ETA account number
• Your 12 digit federal check number or your benefit claim number
• Your social security number
• The payment amount of your most recent federal benefit check

ETA Bank Account Features

If you are not very familiar with the ETA account, here are the main feature:

"ETA Bank Account Features"

We hope this article has been helpful in providing you the information you need to open a US Bank ETA Account. If you have any further questions, please let us know in the comments section below.



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